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Banner is UNC Charlotte’s administrative ERP system and includes the following modules: Finance, HR/Payroll and Student. Banner access requires training and supervisor approval. There are two different Banner systems that are used, Banner Admin Pages and Self Service Banner.

Banner Admin Pages – Provides an interface to access Charlotte administration data to process Human Resources, Finance, Financial Aid, Admissions and Student transactions. The Enroll Tech team supports Banner Student.

Banner Student Admin Pages Access

If you have requested access to Banner Student Admin pages, the links to the left will provide everything you need to obtain the basic Banner knowledge and skills necessary to use Banner Student Admin pages. These pages are also available as refreshers or if you would just like to learn about some of the options available in Banner that you did not originally request.

To Access Banner Admin Pages, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into, using your NinerNet username and password.
  2. On the Employee tab, click Banner 9 Admin Pages in the Tools and Resources section

You can also download the manuals for reference:

Banner Student – Commonly Used Forms

Banner is composed of forms, which may also be called screens or windows. Think of Banner forms as paper forms. Each form represents a specific body of information, such as a name and address form, purchase requisition form, or class schedule form. Like paper forms, Banner’s forms can be composed of one or more pages or screens (called “blocks” in Banner). Forms can include windows, dialog boxes, and alert boxes.

GUIALTI: Referred to as the Alternative ID Search From. Allows searches for students to include SSN.

Search Icon: This allows access to the three search forms

Person Information

GOAEMALIncludes a person’s E-mail address(es), including the official University E-mail address and any other preferred E-mail addresses.
SOAIDENMain form used to conduct person searches.
SPAEMRGIncludes information about a person’s emergency contact.
SPAIDENIncludes person information (addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, biographical, etc).
SPAPERSIncludes a person’s biographical information.
SPATELEIncludes a person’s telephone number(s).
List of Banner Student forms that contain person information.

Student Information

SFAREGQAllows a per semester view of all courses completed or in progress for a student.
SFAREGSDisplays registration information of a student for a specific term, including registration status, course list, summary term information, curriculum and field(s) of study. Many changes to a student’s account can be made here as well.
SFARHSTStudent registration history.
SFASRPOStudent registration permit-overrides. Allows user to view or enter specific permits, or registration overrides, for a student.
SFASTCAShows the course registration audit for a particular semester, including adds, drops, and withdrawals.
SGAADVRIncludes information about a student’s assigned advisor. Use this page to view, add or change advisors for a student.
SGASADDAdditional student information (student attributes).
SGASTDNIncludes general student information and information about a student’s academic standing.
SGASTDQIncludes a summary of a student’s information.
SHACRSEAcademic History. Shows a summary of all courses the student has completed.
SHADEGRDegree(s) awarded for a student.
SHADGMQGraduation status and degree summary for a student.
SHASUBJShows current academic standing and a brief academic summary for a student. A second tab allows all courses attempted or transferred in to be viewed in order of subject. An academic level, typically UG for undergraduate or GR for graduate, must be entered to the right of the name.
SHATERMIncludes summary of term history for a student, including academic standing, GPA and course detail per term. (Overall, Transfer & Institutional GPA)
SHATRNSTransfer work. Displays detailed information for prior colleges and universities attended by a student as well as detailed information of courses transferred into UNC Charlotte.
SOAHOLDHolds. Allows the entire history of holds for an account to be viewed for a student. An end date in the future denotes an active hold. Past end dates signifies lifted or expired holds.
SOAHSCHHigh School history. Displays information for high school(s) attended for a student.
SOAPCOLCollege history. Displays information for prior colleges and universities attended by a student.
SOATESTDisplays various tests dates and scores, projected grade indexes, and minimum high school course requirements for a student.
SPACMNTAllows access to any comments made about a student or student’s account.
TSICSRVThis form shows the summary of activity on a student’s tuition account. This information can be selected for a specific term if one is entered.
List of Banner Student forms that contain information pertaining to a specific student.

Course information

SCACRSEBasic course information.
SCADETLCourse detail information (course attributes).
SCAPREQCourse level prerequisites.
SCARRESCourse level registration restrictions.
SFASLSTClass roster. Displays the list of students in that particular section of a course. Courses from past terms will also display grades earned by the students.
SSAMATXBuilding / Room schedule
SSAPREQSection level prerequisites.
SSARRESSection registration restrictions.
SSASECQCourse search and enrollment form. Search form used to obtain a CRN for a section of a course.
SSASECTDisplays details for a specific section of a course, including meeting times, instructor, and preferences. A CRN must entered on this form.
TOADESTAllows printer options to be selected.
List of course related Banner Student forms