Student Class Schedule – SFAREGQ

In Banner Student Admin pages, the SFAREGQ form provides a per semester view of all courses completed or in progress for a student.

  1. In Banner Admin Pages, access the Registration Query page (SFAREGQ) from the Welcome page.
  2. In the Term field, enter the term you want to view.
    • Term Codes:
      • Fall – YYYY80 (example, 202380)
      • Spring – YYYY10 (example, 202410)
      • Summer – YYYY60 (example, 202460)
  3. In the ID field, enter the UNC Charlotte ID of the student.
    • If you do not have the ID of the student, click the Ellipses to perform a query (See Student Search – SOAIDEN for more information).
    • You do not need to enter any information in the Registration Date Range fields.
  4. Click Go (or Alt + Page Down).
  5. The student’s class schedule will be displayed.
    • In the Registration Status field, the following codes may appear (the first letter denotes):
      • R – Registered
      • D – Dropped
      • W – Withdrawn
  1. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the form for additional information.
  2. Use page controls to move to additional information (or Page Down and Page Up).
  1. To view another student or term, click Start Over (or F5) and repeat steps 2-4.
  2. To return to the Welcome page, click X (or Ctrl + Q).