Registration Audit Trail – SFASTCA

In Banner Student Admin pages, the SFASTCA form shows the course registration audit for a particular student in a particular semester, including adds, drops, and withdrawals.

  1. In Banner Admin Pages, Access the Student Course Registration Audit page (SFASTCA) from the Welcome page.
  2. In the ID field, enter the UNC Charlotte ID of the student.
    • If you do not have the ID of the student, click the Ellipses to perform a query (See Student Search – SOAIDEN for more information).
  3. In the Term field, enter the term you want to view.
    • Term Codes:
      • Fall – YYYY80 (example, 202380)
      • Spring – YYYY10 (example, 202410)
      • Summer – YYYY60 (example, 202460)
  4. Click Go (or Alt + Page Down).
  5. The student’s audit trail will be listed in the Information block.
    • In the Course Status field the following codes may appear (the first letter denotes):
      • R – Registered
      • D – Dropped
      • W – Withdrawn
  6. The Activity User field at the bottom of the page displays the username of the person who processed the registration.
  1. To view another student, click Start Over (or F5) and repeat steps 2-4.
  2. To return to the Welcome page, click X (or Ctrl + Q).

Please note:

Each registration attempt will have either a TEMP or a BASE code listed in the Source field.

  • TEMP – a temporary file in which registration is held while the system is checking restrictions, pre-requisites, and co-requisites.
  • BASE – the registration file in which information is stored after all restriction, pre-requisite, and co-requisite checking is complete.

To query specific information

  1. Perform steps 1 through 4.
  2. Click Filter (or F7).
  3. Select Fields to query and enter selection criteria. (Term, CRN, Subject, etc)
  4. Click Go (or F8).