View Account Summary – TSICSRV

In Banner Student Admin pages, the TSICSRV form shows the summary of activity on a student’s tuition account. This information can be selected for a specific term if one is entered.

  1. In Banner Admin pages, access the Customer Service Inquiry page (TSICSRV) from the Welcome page.
    • The first time you access TSICSRV (after logging in), the TOADEST form will appear; you do not need to enter anything on this form.
    • Click X (or Ctrl + Q) to continue.
  2. In the ID field, enter the UNC Charlotte ID of the student.
    • If you do not have the ID of the student, click the Ellipses to perform a query (See Student Search – SOAIDEN for more information).
  3. Click Go (or Alt + Page Down).
  4. The student’s account summary will be listed. Any questions or issues with the account information should be referred to the Bursar’s Office.
  1. Use page controls to move to additional information (or Page Down and Page Up).
  1. To view another student, click Start Over (or F5) and repeat steps 2-3.
  2. To return to the Welcome page, click X (or Ctrl + Q).