Course History, By TERM – SHATERM

In Banner Student Admin pages SHATERM provides a summary of term history for a student, including academic standing, GPA (Overall, Transfer & Institutional GPA) and course detail, by term.

  1. Access the Term Sequence Course History page (SHATERM) from the Welcome page.
  2. In the ID field, enter the UNC Charlotte ID of the student.
    • If you do not have the ID of the student, click the Ellipses to perform a query. (See Student Search – SOAIDEN for more information)
  3. In the Course Level Codes by Person field, enter the level (UG or GR) of the courses you want to view.
  4. In the Start Term field, enter the term you wish to view.
    • To view summary information for all terms, leave the Term field blank.
    • Term Codes:
      • Fall – YYYY80 (example, 202380)
      • Spring – YYYY10 (example, 202410)
      • Summer – YYYY60 (example, 202460)
  5. Click Go (or Alt + Page Down) to display Current Standing for the student.
  1. Click the Term GPA and Course Detail Information tab (or Alt + Page Down) to view GPA and course detail information.
    • Both Institution and Transfer credit are displayed on this form.
    • Use page controls (or Page Down and Page Up) to view additional Term GPA information.
  2. Click the Down Arrow (or Alt + Page Down) to navigate to the Course Detail section.
    • Use page controls (or Page Down and Page Up) to view additional course detail information.
  3. Click the Current Standing tab (or Alt + Page Down) to return to the SHATERM page.
  1. To view another student, click Start Over (or F5) and repeat steps 2 through 8.
  2. To return to the Welcome page, click X (or Ctrl + Q).