Midterm Grades

This section of the Grading page is used to enter or update midterm grades, last date of attendance, and attendance hours for a class. It is accessed using the Midterm Grades tab.

Please note: 

  • Faculty are asked to report whether or not there are unsatisfactory Midterm grades to record
  • Midterm grades are NOT OFFICIAL and WILL NOT display on transcripts
  • Midterm grades submitted are immediately viewable to students
  • Midterm grades should be entered within the 60-minute time frame allotted. It is recommended to save frequently to avoid losing data.
  1. Log into My.Charlotte.edu, using your NinerNET username and password.
  2. Click on Faculty & Advisor Self Service.
  3. From the Faculty & Advisor Self Service landing page, click Grading – Midterm / Final.
  4. Select the Midterm Grades tab.
  5. Course sections that are available for grading will be displayed. Select the Course section for which you are submitting midterm grades. This will display a class list where midterm grades can be entered for each student. If there are no unsatisfactory grades to enter, no action is necessary. 
    • When a course is selected for midterm grading from the list of courses, the Course Details tab is displayed at the right side of the page.
    • The Course Details tab contains quick reference information for the subject, course number, section number, course description, CRN, reminders (such as grades remaining that need to be entered), number of eligible students, number of registered students, number of midterm or final grades already awarded, the dates the course is offered, the primary faculty, and any secondary faculty. 
    • This information is updated as midterm grades are entered and saved.

Midterm grades tab selected showing course details tab

  1. From the Midterm Grade drop-down menu, select the appropriate midterm grade for the student.
  • Students who have withdrawn do not need to have grades entered. Students who have officially withdrawn from a course received a final grade of W or WE and do not need a grade assigned. Though, you may enter a Last Attend Date for withdrawn students.
  • While not required for midterm grade submission, entering a last attend date or attend hours is saved and will carry over to your final grade submission, later in the semester.
    1. If the student did not participate in the course and you cannot confirm they were ever in attendance, enter the date for the first day of class in the Last Attend Date field and a zero (0) in the Attend Hours field.
    2. If the student participated in a course activity (ie, group assignment, quiz, exam, etc.), enter the date of the last activity in the Last Attend Date field.
  1. After you have entered grades for all students, review grades for accuracy and click Save.
  2. To save an Excel file of the class roster (including any grades submitted), click the Settings button.
  3. Click Export Template.

Export template shown under setting gear button

  1. Select the Excel export file type and select Export.

Export template with excel spreadsheet (.xls) selected

Please note: The Rolled column may say Not Started, In Progress or Completed at any time. If the Grading Status column indicates Completed, then all your grades have been successfully submitted. The Office of the Registrar has a process that runs at a regular interval to roll grades to the student’s academic record. Once grades have been rolled to the academic record they can no longer be changed without going through the Grade or LDA Change process. Grades are rolled to academic history daily, at 11:00 and 24:45.