Approving a Grade Change Request

*For Department Chairs and Associate Deans only*

Please note: 

  • This online process can be used for courses offered from Fall 2006 to present. 
  • For courses prior to Fall 2006, please contact your department. 

1. From the Faculty & Advisor Self Service landing page, select Grade Change Approval/Denial.

2. A list of grade change requests will be displayed.  Click on the student’s ID number for which you wish to approve/deny the request.

3. Select Approve or Deny from the drop-down menu.

4. If necessary, add any comments in the Approver Comments field.  

pending grade changes showing id, term, faculty name, student name, course, current grade, new grade, grade change reason, instructor comments, and approver comments

5. Click Submit.

6. Confirmation of your decision is displayed and based on your action; the appropriate recipients will be notified via email.