Printing Your Class List or Wait List Detail View

Faculty can print the “Detail View” of a class list or wait list. The Class List or Wait List Detail View mode prints the curriculum information for all students. The first curriculum details displayed will always be the primary curriculum followed by secondary curriculum(s). 

1. Select either the Class List or Wait List tab.

2. Click the drop-down arrow next to “Summary View”, and select “Detail View

3. Click the Print icon.

Class list view showing detail view expanded and print icon in upper right

4. The print page will open and the class list or wait list details are printed. All the students displayed in the Class List or Wait List page will be printed.

5. PDF is the default supported printing option. You may print in other formats supported by the default printer dialog.

  • Note: The Print hyperlink option will be disabled if there are no students enrolled, no students on the waitlist, or if the search criteria return no results.