Registration Overrides

The Registration Overrides page allows faculty to provide registration overrides for students. Only the primary faculty can issue a registration override through Self Service Banner.

1. From the Faculty & Advisor Self Service landing page, click Student Registration Overrides.

2. Select the appropriate Term from the drop-down menu.

3. Search for the student using either the student’s ID number or name. 

4. Click Submit.

Registration overrides page

5. Confirm the correct student is displayed, then click the ID number or student’s name.

student search and selection

6. Select the appropriate override type from the Override drop-down menu. A list of override types and their functions can be found on the Office of the Registrar website.

7. Select the appropriate course from the Course drop-down menu. 

  • Note: Overrides can only be assigned by faculty who are listed as the Primary Instructor.

8. Click Submit.

regitration overrides

9. If multiple overrides need to be assigned, click the Add Override button. To delete an override, click the trash can icon.

add override to the right of course selction drop down menu

10. The list of assigned overrides for the student will be displayed. Confirm the override and course information is correct.

override list