Student Profile

The Student Profile displays the following information for each selected student. The information will vary based on your role at the University. 

  • Advisors access the Student Profile page from the Student (Advisee) Search page. 
  • Faculty access the Student Profile page from the Grading – Midterm / Final page by clicking the student’s name.
    • Biographical information
    • Curriculum information
    • DegreeWorks (Advisors only)
    • GPA and Overall Hours (Advisors only)
    • Prior Education and Testing  (Advisors only)
    • Registration information for each term selected
    • Registration Notices  (Advisors only)
    • Registration Overrides 
    • Registration and Planning  (Advisors only)
    • Release Holds
    • Student Grades  (Advisors only)
    • Unofficial Transcript

sample student profile page

  • As an Advisor, you may view Registration Notices by clicking Registration Notices, in the upper right-hand corner.

registration notices

  • For advisors, the Term displays the description of the term selected on the Student (Advisee) Search page.
    • To change the term, use the breadcrumb trail at the top of the page to navigate back to the Student (Advisee) Search page.

Advisee search

  • Use the back button or the four-square navigation menu button to return to the Faculty & Advisor Self Service landing page.

four square menu to left of Charlotte logo