Releasing Advising Holds

1. From the Faculty & Advisor landing page, click Student Search.

2. Select the term and search for a student. Alternatively, you may select View My Advisee Listing to display a list of your advisees for the term selected. If you select this option, click on a student’s name to open their Student Profile.

  • See the “Student / Advisee Search” section for instructions for how to search for a Student / Advisee.

3. In the Additional Links section in the Student Profile, click Release Holds to view the advising holds for the selected student.

Release holds under Curriculum and courses

4. To release an advising hold, select the appropriate hold and click the Release Selected button.

Release Student Holds

5. When released, the selected hold will be removed from the list.

6. Click Save. A message will appear that the hold has been released.

Release Student Holds save

7. Click the four-square navigation menu button to return to the Student Search to select another student.

Student search under Faculty and Advisors